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It was only a matter of time before somebody drew from the popular reality TV show genre and applied it to the Camino de Santiago.  Hopefully this BBC program has better taste than others. When does The Pilgrimage start on BBC Two, what is the Camino de Santiago and which […]

A Reality Show for the Camino

Most people who walk the Camino feel compelled to articulate their experience, yet words often aren’t enough.  Australian Actor Alan Lovell created a one-person play about his journey on the Camino.  While he walked, he questioned whether he should continue his relationship with his partner now that the kids were […]

A one-man show about the Camino

Minus the helicopter, which just sounds annoying, Japan’s Shikoku pilgrimage speaks to any experienced pilgrim. However, what is striking is how it is different than the Camino: it is a circular rather than linear pilgrimage. Does anybody have a picture of the Shikoku pilgrim passport? It is beautiful. (Photo Wikicommons) […]

Thinking about the Shikoku in Japan?

We are starting a series called BEST OF. This will feature some of our favorite stops on the trail. We’re going to start off with one of favorite places to visit when in Santiago. Hotel Pazo de Altamira. One reason we love this place is because it has it all: […]

BEST OF: Where to go in Santiago

“Breaking Bad” actor Saul Goodman was seen completing parts of the Camino. Did anybody see him while they were walking? Looks like he was mostly in the region of Galicia. (Foto courtesy of More here in Spanish.  

Breaking Bad on the Camino

This is likely the future of the Camino: reserving albergues online. While you can just walk in and get a bed at most places, this may no longer be the case in Roncesvalles, which has been a bottleneck for pilgrims as far back as the 90s. If you are planning […]

Reservations Required: Roncesvalles

A new Camino documentary is making the rounds. This one features Juilliard graduate Dane Johansen as he plays the cello across Spain. Walking with his cello, he’d stop along the trail to play in a variety of settings.  Read more here. Photo courtesy of  Also check out his website to […]

A new Camino documentary, this time with music