This will get you energized for the Camino. Currently with 29 podcasts, this has enough information to keep the beginner to expert pilgrim occupied.   Available on iTunes and also on Soundcloud if you aren’t an Apple user.  If you subscribe on the iTunes site, you will get updates when […]

Podcasts to get you pumped for your Camino: The Camino ...

Want to know how many pilgrims walk every year or even every day? Check out the Oficina del Peregrino website and you can see how many arrive each day.  Nowadays, the office has almost more pilgrims arrive on their busiest summer days than they used to in an entire year […]

How many pilgrims? Go here to find out

Great article in The Guardian  about walking pilgrimages in general. It’s clear that this is growing to become a more popular way to spend our free time. In response, The British Pilgrimage Trust was created in 2014 to preserve important pilgrimage sites especially those that attract foot pilgrims.  (Photo courtesy of […]

“Caminos” in Britain

The value of the Camino has not been lost on others. Check out new trails that exists and are under development led by the Church of Scotland. In some cases lottery money to offset costs. Wanderlust is guaranteed (Photo courtesy of

“Caminos” in Scotland

There had been rumblings on the trail for quite a while that the police knew Miguel Ángel Muñoz was the individual they were seeking. Police took their time to make sure nothing went wrong with the case to guarantee a conviction. Read the article here. (Photo courtesey of Facebook)  

Open and shut: The case of Denise Thiem has been ...

Once you finish one pilgrimage, you start thinking about starting another. Check out Via Francigena before the rest of the world “discovers” it. “From the Alps to Rome on foot,” this guidebook will show you the way along the 1000+km trail and lodging, which isn’t as  common as the Camino, […]

A “new Camino”: La Via Francigena guidebook

Very inspirational article about how a woman challenged her anxiety by walking the Camino de Santiago. The reflection she gave on her experience and how it changed her life is moving. Read more on her experience here.

Anxiety on the Camino

Each person walks the Camino in their own way and for their own reasons. Here is a quick article that sums up the Camino into 10 bullet points.

What to Expect

The Camino seemed like an impossible dream for Phil after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer. With extraordinary motivation and strive, Phil created a .88km loop around his property and walked it over 900 times, each time marking where he would be on the Camino. Thank you, Phil, for showing […]

Phil’s Camino

Father and son walk the Camino to raise money for orphans in Zimbabwe. The son, Isaiah, has been feeling under the weather during the first half of the journey while experiencing temperatures as low as 0 degrees. Read more on their reasons for walking the Camino here.

Walking for a Cause