Reservations Required: Roncesvalles

This is likely the future of the Camino: reserving albergues online. While you can just walk in and get a bed at most places, this may no longer be the case in Roncesvalles, which has been a bottleneck for pilgrims as far back as the 90s. If you are planning on going to Roncesvalles, you’d better get your reservations first (nearby Orisson has been that way for years already).

At first glance this might seem like a horrible idea that goes against the ethos of the pilgrimage; however, for a small group of pilgrims this is going to bring them great joy. Many older pilgrims who have a reservation can now cross the Pyrenees and arrive as late as 10.00pm and know they will have a bed.

While the website is unclear, the process is straightforward. If you complete the form and continue with the “send” button you will be sent to a page that will allow you to pay 12 euro online via credit card–Mastercard and Visa. They have wisely also include the option to pay for dinner and breakfast. Given the relative isolation of Roncesvalles, having a reserved dinner and breakfast will help start your pilgrimage out on the right foot.  There’s been reports that the site doesn’t work for some people in the US.  If that’s the case, email them using the contact us link. They tend to respond quickly.  Click here for more info and reservations